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A giggle echoed behind me and I almost growled but kept quiet. I knew who was trying to sneak up on me, He thought himself as lithe..conniving...but how was he wrong.
My head just lied on the floor, very still, my eyes trying to stay closed and relaxed.
The kit was upon me. I could almost hear his tiny claws unsheathe, his presence close by, his heartbeat pound faster. Soon his breathe held still, and I could tell he was ready to pounce on his target. But before he could leap, I whirled around on him, taking the tom by surprise. "I knew you were there Dawnkit!" Stupid furball. I smirked, trying to make my vision stop being so blurry. Why couldn't I see my own kin's face clearly?
I could tell he was looking at me strange though. Out of nowhere he stood straight up and said, "Umm...great.  But who's Dawnkit? Mine name is SWIFTkit, remember?"
"Wha...?" I gasped with confusion, before I really woke up.

Swiftkit prodded the ginger-cream tabby a second time. "Don't you remember? We met last night. Patch introduced us,"
Finally, the she-kit's vision cleared. She did remember. But that didn't mean she wanted to. "Yeah, sorry, nevermind," she replied with a monotone voice.
She didn't want to be here with the other kit. Or Patch, the adult loner that brought them together, as mean as it sounded. She wanted to be back home, with her mother and brother in BreezeClan. One, the little kit was very shy, and she would be entrusting her own life with one of them and meeting two more. Two, she was just homesick.
If only Patch hadn't made the mistake of going into the medicine den instead of the nursery that moment.
If only she hadn't wound up in the medicine den at all.
If only she hadn't fought with Shadowkit...
I figured just writing it before doing anything would be easier. So don't kill me please.
Comic strips take an eternity, and I do not have time for that right now, so this will have to be it instead.
Normally I would have just replaced the file so I wouldn't have to bother you people, but it doesn't allow that with text files. So gomenasai~
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May 12, 2012
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