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Everkit's memory of that moment was a blur. That's because it might have been her will to dive towards the DarkClan kit that would inevitably be squashed.

But that amazing feeling of strength, courage and speed was not.

It was the voice's.

So when the cream tabby rammed herself into the dark kit with great velocity, and threw herself and him onto the other side, only then did she gain full control again and gasp, breathing in the acrid tang from the smoke left behind from the monster.

"Everkit!" she heard Swiftkit call from the other side. "Everkit, are you alright!?"

She glanced at the Thunderpath knowing they still couldn't see her because of the concealing veil of smoke.

"Yes, I'm fine," she called quietly, hearing Patch heave a sigh of relief.

"What...just happened?" the kit behind her coughed.

"Patch accidentally..." she paused, wondering if it really was on accident. "He accidentally knocked you onto the Thunderpath. B-But we'll be fine," her brave phase she had before when she charged onto the road was slowly being consumed.

His eyes widened. "You mean, a monster came?" he was now gathering his wits, but still looked a bit dizzy from the blow. "Yeah, that explains the smoke. That means you pushed me out of the way, right?"


Suddenly he groaned. "Great,"

What is that supposed to mean?! Everkit thought with a huff. I just saved your life, you ungrateful twit! "Why, do you wish I didn't?" she slightly hissed.

"No! That's not it!" he growled out of no where, getting in her face. "Since you technically saved me life, I owe you three favors!" his eyes were annoyed and even more intense.

Swiftkit's left eye twitched. "Uhh...what? Who told you that nonsense?"

The dark kit looked like he was going to answer, but then just shrugged. "It's no cat's business. So, what do you want first?" he looked at Everkit.


"Hurry up before I change my mind. Just cause G-....Just because some cat told me it was the honorable thing to do, doesn't mean I have to oblige,"

She nodded. Alright, you asked for it. "Fine, my first 'favor' I want you to do is come willingly. And no complaining,"

"I knew you would do that," he sighed with agitation. "Fine,"

"Thank goodness," Patch meowed. The white cat glanced up at the sky. "We'd better get going. And find a place to rest,"

Everkit widened her violet eyes in surprise. She had barely noticed the dark blue skies above that were illuminated by countless white stars.

A few moments later they came across a hollowed out bush surrounded by cliffs and trees. "This will do," he panted. Then he stared at Everkit. "And thanks for saving him., nobody could believe how fast you ran. For a kit, that seemed like you were going fast even for a full grown cat.

She felt a frigid shiver travel down her spine. That's because it WAS a full grown cat that did it. If it wasn't for the voice, both of us would have been surely squashed. It was unnatural...curling up in a ball the kit yawned, realizing how tired she was.

She could've sworn Berrykit mumbled, "The nursery is so much more comfy than this,"

And Swiftkit ask, "Hey, by the way, what's your name?" to the dark kit.

Before finally being swept away into the world of dreams, she heard him say quietly, "Nightkit,"

"Haha. Well, good night, Nightkit,"

"It's almost been half a moon and still no sign of Everkit," a grey cat with a bushy tail sighed. "We think she got taken by a fox, Redheart,"

An almost black tom with a dark ginger tail closed his green eyes. "I think you may be right, Squirreltail. How is Stonestar? May I see him yet?"

She shook her head solemnly. "Sorry, but no. He's worse, I'm afraid, and the clan doesn't need their deputy getting sick as well,"

"Right. The sickness has reached three already. Speaking of which, how is Sandpath faring it?"

"Worse as well. It must be hard for her to lose her kit. It's sure not helping her get better,"

"This is really bad. I hope they all make it. Especially Stonestar,"

Mistpaw lowered he ears as she listened to this conversation. Were they doubting all three of the cats' survival?

Their conversation was interrupted by a high pitch yowl and hiss towards the medicine den's entrance. The grey tabby apprentice pursued the deputy and medicine cat as they dashed in alarm to figure out what was going on.

"Get out! STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU FOX-DUNG!" a brown kit snarled, his raspy voice making it sound even more venomous.

What in StarClan's name? Mistpaw thought. Lionkit, shivering slightly from the sickness which had captured him as well, was hissing and baring his teeth at our of all cats, Shadowkit.

Shadowkit just cringed and faked a smile to show he wasn't defeated, but not soon after padded away with a dismayed face.

Squirreltail trotted towards Lionkit. "What are you doing? Did Shadowkit do something to you?"

In reply he just stared down at the dirt floor, teeth clenched.

She sighed. "Alright, alright. Mistpaw, take Lionkit back to his nest. He needs all the rest he can get. I need to go check on how Stonestar is doing," and with a curt nod padded out, Redheart following her.

The grey tabby sighed. "Come, Lionkit," she meowed, weaving towards his nest. "You need to lie down,"

He obeyed, but failed to look at her even once. She flinched when he quickly broke into a coughing fit, tucking his cold nose under his paws.

His mother must be worried sick, she thought sympathetically. So must his step brother. But then why would he attack him? Didn't Shadowkit just want to comfort him, being kin and all?

Lionkit finally quit hacking, and looked up at the medicine cat apprentice with his set of amber and ice blue eyes. Mistpaw sighed, returning her own gaze. "Lionkit, what happened? What did he do to provoke you like that?"

Immediately he shifted his eyes away. "Nothing," he meowed. "He just said something about Greykit, that's all. And I'm a bit agitated since my apprentice ceremony was supposed to be today but I'm too sick for it,"

Mistpaw nodded, understanding filling her blue eyes. Greykit was not Lionkit's litter mate, but he might as well have been. The two were very close friends, they did everything together. Then one day, a patrol had found an abandoned rouge kit. It was Shadowkit. Only a quarter-moon later, Greykit had mysteriously disappeared. He must feel like Shadowkit replaced Greykit, she decided, not bothering to actually ask.

"Please at least tolerate him for Dustbreeze. I'm sure she loves you both very much,"

He looked at his paws irritably and rested his head. "Yes, mum does, unfortunately,"


"What the-"

Crash crash boom!

Mistpaw sprinted to the exit, trying to decipher what the noise was.

A grey tabby that looked almost identical to her zoomed past. "We're under attack!" they yelled. "Foxes!"

In return she widened her eyes in excitement. "How many, Pebblefall?"

"Four!" the she-cat nodded and sped off.

Mistpaw's eyes sparkled with something some would call glee. The medicine cat apprentice licked her chaps, whiskers quivering with anticipation. "Alright! Foxes, you better watch-"

"Mistpaw!" her mentor jumped in front of her, startling the young apprentice. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Huh? Well uhh I uhh...duh uhh..."

Squirreltail sighed heavily, agitation tinging her voice. "You looked like you were about to jump into the fight,"

Mistpaw pouted, resting her blue gaze to the she-cat's green one. "So what if I was? I just wanted to he-"

"You're not helping! You're doing the opposite!" she interrupted. "Leaving your patients alone in the medicine den? You must stay and defend them! And the last thing we need is for you to get hurt. I need all the help I can get to treat everyone after the battle,"

"Oh yeah? Then why aren't you defending the medicine den?" she argued with a glare.

Squirreltail rolled her eyes, speaking as if she were talking to a kit. "I will in a few moments. But right now I'm going to deliver poppy seeds to Stonestar, I don't want him to be shocked even slightly by the attack, or else it will worsen his condition even more. I also might have to help the warriors defend his den,"

Mistpaw looked as if she were about to argue, but then a lilac tabby popped up between the two. The warrior meowed, "Squirreltail, if you like I can stay here and defend the medicine den instead,"

At this statement the apprentice widened her eyes in delight, looking at her mentor with sheer hope.

"But Twistedsong she-"

"She can be on offense. I need a change of scenery, away from the nursery, I'm not very good with kits," she winked at Mistpaw as she said this, making her grin. "And even though she's training to be a medicine cat, it's still important for her to practice her battle skills!"

"...Alright, alright. Mistpaw, you may go," Squirreltail heaved, looking tired and going behind them to get poppy seeds.

"Thanks!" she meowed to Twistedsong and sped off towards the center of camp. This is more like it. I can actually use my claws for once. Squirreltail knows that the foxes wouldn't go to the medicine den most likely, it's farther away from everything else.

A red fox suddenly snapped it's jaws in front of her face, quickly bringing her back to reality. She smirked and with a battle cry lunged for the fox's back, biting and clawing her heart out. It was a deep struggle for her to stay on however, it shook wildly and snarled with great ferocity.

Straining, the medicine cat apprentice hissed in frustration as she carefully used her claws to climb up it's neck onto it's head. You're not welcome here! Get out of BreezeClan! she thought.

But no longer had she thought that than the fox did successfully shake her off and snap it's large jaws at her tail. Furious with the small cat it growled, shaking it's head back and forth with her tail still in it's mouth.

Yelping in terror, she scrambled to get a grip on it's snout to free itself and failed miserably. Her paws flailed wildly, and she could barely notice that three more dogs had appeared. Where are they all coming from?! StarClan help us!

Finally the vixen started to slowly calm down, it's movements becoming more sluggish and relaxed. With a finally burst of strength, Mistpaw propelled herself towards the foe and bit deep into it's snout, the metallic taste of blood engulfing her mouth and spurting about. What did Ebonypaw tell me about her training session? The fox yowled in agony and threw it's head forward, also flinging her off. Oh, yeah! she thought, landing squarely on her feet.

Slowly, the cat circled her opponent. The heat from the blazing sun, the dust from the sand floor between her pads, the scent of blood, and the barks, all of it disappeared from her sight, hearing and smell. It was just her and the enraged vixen.

Seconds seemed to turn into minutes, and minutes into hours. Both of their gazes burned into each other's pelts, fueling the fire.

The fox made the first move, pouncing towards her with great speed and snapping teeth. Mistpaw smiled and ducked underneath it's belly, clawing it's flank. Not once. Not twice. Not even three times, six times criss cross she clawed. Before it could moved, she hopped up slightly and unsheathed all four of her paws to scratch the fox's legs.

It yelped with a high pitch shriek, running to-and-fro. Finally, it broke into a sprint, hopping out of the camp ditch and to the western plains.

"I did it! I scared a fox off all by myself!" Mistpaw yowled triumphantly with a quarter spin. "Take that Squirreltail! I'm not useless! Fighting's in my blood!"

"Mistpaw," someone interrupted, startling the apprentice. She turned to face Dustbreeze, a dusky brown queen. "I'm the only queen that is available to defend the back of the nursery. But...I need to see Lionkit! I'll be back, but for now, would you please defend the back entrance until I come back?"

"Of course!"

She nodded and sped off, leaving Mistpaw behind.

Then for the first time she really looked at the scene around her.

And it made her cringe.

There were still three foxes and dogs. And the cats were loosing. She watched ad the canines tore through their dens and bit into her fellow clanmates' flesh.

We're going to lose. We're going to die, she thought with terrified eyes. but immediately shook her head to clear those doubts. No. I can't give up now.

Then she smelt something. A scent filled with salt, foam, and most of all, fish.

"AquaClan!" she heard someone yowl, echoing her thoughts. They're helping us! Her eyes lit up as she saw one dog flee from three of them along with four BreezeClanners on their tail.

She couldn't help but notice that two foxes and one dog were ganging up on the leader's den for a peculiar reason. And see Squirreltail fighting along with Redheart and some other AquaClanner she had never seen before. But no one else noticed, and they didn't look like they could take much more.

I have to help, she turned towards the nursery. But Dustbreeze told me to stay here, she pouted.

But the nursery looks safe for now, and they need help.

Suddenly a fox managed to snap it's jaws onto her mentor, closing it's sharp teeth into her stomach.

No time to think! I have to help Squirreltail!! she screamed in her head, sprinting off towards the group with bared fangs and unsheathed claws.

The scent of grey the grey cat's blood entered her nose.

With a sweep into the air, she viciously barreled herself onto the unsuspecting creature's head, snarling like never before. "Take your dung filled mouth off my mentor!!"

Confused at what just hit it, the fox dropped the green eyed she-cat, who landed with a plop.

Mistpaw clawed and shredded at it's eyes. Shrieking with pain it ducked, allowing Redheart to attack as well.

More AquaClanners charged into this area, finally fending off the animals. A fox and dog ran away now.

With one more bite on the tail to the now blind fox, it also ran from Mistpaw. One more. Where are you?

Out of no where she heard an unfamiliar yowl. Turning her eyes focused on...Stonestar slamming into the dog?

It retched and closed it's teeth around his front legs.

The next moment seemed to go on for an eternity.

Everything in time slowed, the background seemed red and the figures before her shadowy.

She couldn't focus on any detail when it put a paw onto the leader's soft, fluffy pelt...

And ripped off his legs.
Mistpaw's not much of a medicine cat apprentice. x3

Unfortunately there's no preview pic yet TTwTT I didn't have time.
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