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Warm sunlight filtered through cracks in the medicine den. Green-leaf was at it's best, the sun rays not burning the pelts of all the furry animals of the wild, but giving off a pleasant and warm feeling. Everkit was lying in one of these rays, feeling relaxed and comfy in her little nest. With the sweet and tart aroma of poppy and chamomile...

Wait, she thought. Poppy? Chamomile? My own nest? Where...?

"You woke up!" a sweet voice like honey cheered. She glanced up to see the medicine cat apprentice of BreezeClan, standing over her with a smile. "Thank goodness. If you had stayed like that much longer, we were gonna see if you got knocked out with a head injury or something,"

Everkit meowed, "Mistpaw? Why am I in the medicine den? I remember getting a mouse to eat..." and trailed off slightly. Then her memories came flashing back, and she hurriedly hopped back onto her paws in a heartbeat. "Is Shadowkit and Leafkit okay?! No, for now forget Leafkit, what about Shadowkit? I didn't k-kill him d-di-di-di-"

"Shadowkit is fine! My, I didn't expect you to care that much, seeing as you're the one who fought him and won," Mistpaw interrupted with a giggle.

"But I almost bit him on the side of the neck, which would have killed him," Everkit preceded seriously with a nod.

That seemed to get her attention. "How do you know about the killing bite? Most kits your age don't..." then the smile seemed to come back in her blue eyes. "Ah. One of the apprentices must have told you about it right? And no offense Everkit, but I'm sure you wouldn't be quite able to kill anyone yet," she giggled again sweetly, tipping her head to one side.

The kit knew the grey tabby meant well, but her fur still managed to bristle with annoyance. Maybe not me, but the voice in my head did. What sugary comeback could you say to that? To an "insane" kit with voices in her head? she thought furiously but managed saying her thoughts aloud. The LAST thing she needed right now was to be labeled handicap and put into the elders' den for eternity. But she just knew she was actually very sane, perhaps even clever, but there was something inside her. Someone inside her. Someone haunting every one of her thoughts...

"Everkit, you need to lie back down, you opened a gash again," Mistpaw sighed, bringing her back to the real world. Confused she looked down, sure enough to see blood oozing from a cut on her leg. That's when she realized, she was in pain. Her tail, paws, leg, all the things that were either bitten or clawed by Shadowkit. And her paws had fresh holes in them from the double-sized claws.

It was quite nasty. It slightly frightened her. Finally she obeyed and collapsed back into her nest, watching as Mistpaw flew towards her with some musty cob webs, soaking the blood.

"EVERKIT!" a voice boomed from the entrance of the den. Hurriedly she looked up,
seeing her mother and a grey cat walking in from behind her. "Everkit! You're finally awake!" She rammed her head against her kit, purring wildly and in return the cream tabby winced.

"Sandpath, I need to keep myself still. How long was I asleep?"

"From the moment you black out till the next sun-high darling," she replied.

"Yes," the grey cat from behind purred in amusement, pushing her way through. "Shadowkit is going to get a thorough scolding from Stonestar,"

"But I hurt him why?"

The cat nodded. "Lionkit told us the whole story. He provoked you to yell, and Shadowkit in anger attacked you and you attacked back in self...defense..." suddenly she seemed distracted, staring at Everkit's paws with wide eyes, no doubt at the holes. Self consciously the kit squealed and tucked her paws under her bushy chest. Hurriedly, she continued. "No one believed him at first because from what some of the warriors saw, you were looming over Shadowkit with large amounts of blood dropping from your jaws, and there were bite marks on his neck. But Leafkit backed him up,"

I did bite him! At least I was too dizzy for the voice to get the right spot exactly...But why would Lionkit tell them what really happened? Doesn't he like Shadowkit?

"Squirreltail," Sandpath intervened, glancing sideways at the grey she-cat. "How long must Everkit stay in here?"

The medicine cat's bushy tail twitched. "Until there's no risk of her cuts opening again, and the holes in her paws have healed. So at least two sunrises,"

Two whole sunrises? This is gonna take forever! My condition can't be that bad!

"Not to mention Shadowkit was lucky to just have to welts on his neck and a small gash on his flank. He's fine now, but your daughter will need more time,"

"Alright," Sandpath sighed, knowing they wanted her to leave. "Goodbye, Everkit," and with a whisk of her tail she padded out of the den.

But then two more visitors came.

"Leafkit!" Everkit purred, watching her weave towards her.

Leafkit grinned. "Glad to see you're alright. I've got some great news too, Dawnkit told me he eavesdropped on Stonestar and Shadowkit. According to him, Stonestar really yelled at him and told him his apprentice ceremony would be delayed another moon. So he has to watch Lionkit all by himself up there wayyy before him! Funny huh?" something seemed slighlty off with her as she spoke.

Things seemed more awkward now. Everkit noticed wouldn't look at her directly in the eye, and each time she seemed to say something her friend contracted.

"That wasn't really me doing those things Leafkit! Please believe me, I'm not scary," she suddenly pleaded with wide eyes.

Leafkit looked at her with surprise and tipped her head calmly. "It's...fine Everkit. You don't need to be ashamed of it, you were only defending yourself. And Shadowkit needed to be taught a lesson," but when she nodded and giggled to emphasize it, it seemed like she was also trying to convince herself. She doesn't believe me! Everkit thought, horrified. I bet Sandpath just wasn't fazed because I'm her kit! I wonder if my brother even believes Lionkit and Leafkit. Please do, Dawnkit...

Why did she leave for that mouse?

Why didn't she just take the mouse and eat in the nursery?

Or hide herself in a bush and eat privately?

" to go too," Leafkit said hesitantly, probably telling only half the truth.

When Squirreltail dismissed Leafkit and called over her apprentice, Mistpaw, she informed Everkit that they were going out to get herbs and told her to rest. That if she needed anything she could holler for Twistedsong, a warrior that knew a few things about herbs. And as they left, Everkit curled up in a ball and whimpered to herself in sorrow. The Clan believes I'm a monster.

Let them, she heard. Because if you listen to me, we can rule all the fools who believe that so easily.
Yay. Now that I got the boring part over with I can finally be less bored while writing. Chapter 3 is way better xD
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